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Об этом заявил Вячеслав Потапов, член городской избирательной комиссии от этой партии.

Он основывается на личных наблюдениях и информации, поступающей от однопартийцев.
Вячеслав Потапов, член городской избирательной комиссии от КПРФ:

- В настоящее время обстановка на избирательных участках в Краснодаре, как никогда, спокойная, если оценивать ситуацию с утра и до настоящего времени. Выборы проходят в штатном режиме. Тем не менее, это не исключает попыток нагнетать обстановку со стороны некоторых политических сил, которые забрасывают бессмысленными жалобами крайизбирком.

В частности, речь идет о… горшках с цветами. Якобы их много и они не так стоят. Подобные замечания касаются участков, расположенных в школах.

- На участках ведется видеосъемка, то есть все происходящее там фиксируется и в дальнейшем записи можно будет детально проанализировать, - заметил Вячеслав Потапов.

Он добавил, что опасения по поводу новых изменений законодательства - по работе журналистов – не подтвердились. Все проходит гладко. Представители СМИ аккредитованы.

Явка, по словам собеседника, средняя. В большей степени это «заслуга» погоды. Но до закрытия избирательных участков времени еще достаточно.
- Поэтому, уверен, многие горожане еще воспользуются своим избирательным правом и проголосуют, - подытожил Потапов.


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How to Heal a Broken Heart (Part 2)

Part Two: Healing

“Answer me, Sam !” Lucky shouted. “Tell me why you would try to hurt Elizabeth and my children. To get back at Jason?”

“No – I …” She couldn’t form the words even though she wanted to tell him how sorry she was.

“So this whole thing between us – it’s a way to get back at Jason and Liz for sleeping together?”

Sam stared at him through her tears. “What do you mean?”

“You’re not stupid, Sam. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You kissed me!”

“No you kissed me! But remember – I stopped it. I stopped it because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Your companionship has meant the world to me.” She was very close to sobbing. “I wouldn’t use you!”

“But that was your plan, wasn’t it?” He paced around the apartment.

“At first – yes. But not after you kissed me. Then I realized I couldn’t use you that way – because you’re my friend. I want you to still be my friend, Lucky.”

Sam stood shakily to come over and stand beside him, resting a soft hand on his arm. “I didn’t want to hurt you,” she said.

“But you were okay with hurting my family?”

“No. I never wanted to hurt them – just scare Elizabeth enough to stay away from Jason.”

“I thought you were the one who broke up with him. So why are you trying to still punish him?’

Sam sighed. “I don’t know. I just hurt so much, constantly. Jason is all I think about. I just wanted to show him what he gave up for Elizabeth.”

“He’s not giving up anything. He has no claim to Elizabeth – she said they are through.”

“Lucky, there is so much you don’t know …” Sam released her hold on him and walked over to the sofa to sit down.

“Like what?” Lucky demanded. He wanted to shake the truth out of her but didn’t want to scare her the way Jason had. He never wanted to be like that monster.

He watched her breakdown into a fresh wave of tears. He tried to keep his anger but it practically dissipated at the sight of her there, looking so small and helpless.

He walked over to her and sat beside her. “Look, I don’t want to know, okay? Not tonight, anyway,” he said. “I just want to be a friend to you. You obviously need someone.”

Lucky gently lifted her hands and pressed soft, slow kisses to both of her bruised wrists.

“I’m so sorry, Lucky,” Sam said.

“Just promise me something, Sam.”


“That you will resist your urge to punish Jason and Elizabeth any further. Jason is not worth all the pain you’re going through. Promise me that if you feel the urge to be destructive, you’ll call me first and you will know that I will help you through it.”

Sam looked at him with watery eyes. “I promise.” And she actually meant it.

Lucky kissed her bruised wrists again and then pulled her into his arms. “Just go to sleep, Sam.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You look exhausted. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Won’t Elizabeth be suspicious if you don’t come home?”

“Right now, you’re my priority – not Liz.”

“Thank you,” she said, leaning her head on his strong shoulder.

“You’ll heal, Sam,” Lucky said. “Heart, body, and soul. I’ll make sure of that.”

Sam smiled at him, then stood and walked to her room to lie down. She felt like she was healing already.


How to Heal a Broken Heart (Part 1)

Summary: After Jason threatens Sam's life, Lucky is there for her but will he stay by her when she reveals a secret?
Rating: PG

Part One: Hurting

Sam was sitting in her apartment, holding a drink, crying, and staring at her bruised wrists all at the same time. She couldn’t believe Jason could get so angry with her that he would actually put his hands on her. He had grabbed her wrists as he threatened to kill her. He had put a lot of pressure on her weak wrists (they had never quite healed right after Amelia’s father had broken them) and she had felt so much pain. Not physically – just emotionally, as he stared at her with cold, dead eyes.

“If you try to hurt Elizabeth again, I will kill you …”

The words ate at her heart; they clawed their way into her mind; no matter how hard she tried to chase them away. What had happened to the Jason Morgan she used to know? The one she had fell madly in love with? The man who held her while she cried and shook with sobs after losing her little daughter? The one who swore he loved her more than anyone and anything in the whole world?

Had she drove him to this? Had she pushed him so far away that he completely hated her now? Had he ever really loved her at all?

She heard a voice at the door: “Sam, its Lucky – open up!” She didn’t move to answer the door. She would just pretend she wasn’t home – that she had gone out for milk or something. But the door was pushed open and Lucky saw Sam out of the corner of her eye.

He saw her tears, her shoulders shuddering and immediately walked over and sat down beside her, pulling her into his strong arms. “What’s wrong, Sam?”

She huddled over to hide her face. “Nothing.”

“C’mon, don’t lie. You’re crying. What happened?” Lucky looked around. “Why is there glass everywhere?”

“I broke it. I’m clumsy. I break things that can never be fixed.” She wiped her face and pulled away.

“Was it Jason? Did he come in here?” He asked. “Did he hurt you?”

“No! Jason would never hurt me- never!” Sam lied, turning away.

Lucky reached for her hands to turn her back to him. He heard a little hiss of pain come from her lips. He examined her wrists. “Ohmigod, Sam. What the hell happened?”

“Nothing. I hurt myself when I broke the glass.”

“That can’t be. They’d be bloody and scratched, not so bruised. Your wrists are black and blue.” Lucky searched her face for the answer. “What happened? Please tell me. I want to help.”

“I can’t …”

“Sam, someone hurt you. I’m your bodyguard – I’m supposed to protect you. I’m also your friend. I want to help. Please tell me who did this to you.”

Sam bit her lip to keep from crying out loud. Then she whispered: “It’s done. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“C’mon, you know that’s not true. It matters. Now tell me.”

“It was Jason,” Sam admitted weakly.

“What?!” Lucky jumped up from the sofa. “I’m going to kill him. He cannot just go around attacking innocent women.”

“But I’m not innocent. I provoked him.”

Lucky grimaced. “You don’t know how many times in my line of work I’ve heard that line from battered and broken women who are trying to defend their sleaze-ball partners after they beat them black and blue. I won’t tolerate this happening to you.”

“Don’t do anything to him, Lucky. Please. He had a right to be angry. I did something really awful.”

“There is no justification for his behavior, Sam.”

“I deserved it.” Sam said, tears rolling down her face. “I did something really horrible.”

“What do you think you did to deserve this?”

“If I tell you, you’ll hate me too.”

“I could never hate you, Sam. You’ve become one of my best friends.” He came back over to her and sat down, reaching for her gently.

“Lucky, I – I paid two men to harass your wife.”

“What do you mean?”

“The two guys in the park that I supposedly stopped from hurting Elizabeth and your children … I hired them …”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. And I’m so sorry. It was horrible. Now you see why Jason did this.”

“Sam, how could you do this? Why did you do this?” Lucky asked, pulling away from her.

To be continued

New favorite couple!

So I have a new obsession (like Daphne needs more of those, right)? They are Zach and Greenlee on All My Children! Both Rebecca and Sabine have rocking chemistry with Thorsten and he's never been sexier than when he's in a scene with one of them. If there is a soap god, he will give me some Zanlee! How do you all feel about them?

FAN FIC:What Should Have Been (B&B)

*I found this fic I wrote in 2006 and decided to post it. Bridget and Nick were one of my favorite soap couples for awhile there and this takes place after Bridget releases Nick to run after HER FREAKING MOTHER!!!! But this is what I really hoped would have happened.*

What Should Have Been

Nick Marone walked into the bedroom where his wife lay sleeping. Bridget’s soft blonde hair was spread out on the pillow where her head rested. Her skin was smooth and pale. She looked like an angel.

Bridget stirred. “Morning, Bridget,” Nick said.


“How did you sleep?”

“I didn’t really. I was up most of the night thinking.”

“Me too.”


Nick sat in the chair beside the bed in which he had shared many a night with his wife. “And you are my wife and I love you.”

Bridget sat up. “I never questioned your love for me.”

Nick frowned. “Then what is it? Is it your love for me?”

“No. I love you more than ever.”

“Well then what are we doing?”

“We’re discussing our future.”

“Good let’s do that.”

Bridget wiped away a tear. She was determined to put on a brave face. She knew what she had to do. “Nick, we’re always going to be a part of each other’s lives. We’re just not going to be husband and wife.”

Nick felt a thud in his chest. “So you haven’t changed your mind.”

“Have you?”

Nick shook his head.

“Nick, I cannot go on with this marriage. Not when you won’t try to be a father to Dominick. Not when I know you are in love with my mother.”

Nick sighed. “Bridget, I’m not doing this, I want to save my marriage.”

Bridget nodded. “And I love you for that but I know when something is past saving.”

“Oh please, I mean, give us a break. We’ve been going through some hard times.”

“But we’ve been going through hard times for awhile.”

“That is not true.”

“Yes it is. I’m just seeing things from a whole different perspective. Losing Nicole and finding out that Dominick wasn’t your son made me realize that you can’t freeze life in one perfect place. It’s always going to change. If we really want to be happy, we just have to accept that. Accept things the way they are and try to go on from there.”

Nick sighed again. “And we can go on from there. I agree with you. We can have another child.”

Bridget turned her head to face the window. “That’s not the answer. No child can ever replace our little Nicole.”

“We can’t give up.”

“I’m not giving up. I don’t have to stop loving Dominick just because he’s not your son. And I can love you … and still let you go.”

“Let me go? Because I won’t be a father to Dominick?”

“I do understand why you won’t. But I think it’s a shame because I know you would be an incredible father.”

“And I want that. I want to be a father.”

“And you will be,” she said, touching his hand. “To Hope. You can raise RJ and Hope with my mother. You can go and make a life with them, starting today.”

“I made a commitment to you, Bridget.”

“But Nick, we knew you loved my mother before we ever got into this relationship. We both went into this knowing how you felt about her.”

“But we’ve dealt with that.”

“I still had concerns. And then I got pregnant.”

“We have been over this time and time again.”

“Nick, stop! Please. Listen to me. I just want you to be happy. You sacrificed your happiness so that you could make a life with me and our baby.”

“It wasn’t a sacrifice. I love you.”

“Well you love her more.”

Nick shook his head. “No. No!”

“Nick, you love her and its o –okay,” Bridget said, her voice faltering. She was beginning to lose her courage and knew she had to hurry up and finish what she had to say before her true feelings were realized. She wanted him to say she was wrong – that he didn’t love her mother but she knew that was wishful thinking. If he decided to stay, it had to be because he wanted to. She would no longer beg him to stay with her.

“Do you hear me?” Bridget said. “It’s okay. You don’t have to hide your feelings anymore. Not from me. Not from yourself. Not anymore.”

“So you are ending our marriage?” Nick asked. His mouth felt very dry all of a sudden.

“Nick, I will always, always cherish every moment we spent together. I appreciate all the support that you gave me. You made me feel like a woman again. It was exactly what I needed. And now, I am giving you what you need. A life with my mother. I want you to be with her.”

“It will never happen, Bridget. We can’t betray you.”

“It’s not a betrayal if I let you go. This isn’t a test, Nick. I’m completely serious. I just really … really want you to be happy.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Whatever you have to say, you should say it to my mother. Before the wedding.”

“What wedding?”

“My mother’s. She is marrying Ridge today.”

“Brooke’s marrying Forrester?” Nick said increudously.

“Yes, she is. Stephanie told me, and my mom left me a message. By the end of the day, she’ll be Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Unless you stop her. Nick, I – I want you to stop the wedding.”

Nick shook his head. “No I want to stay here with you.”

“This is your chance, Nick. Take it.”

Bridget reached out and touched his cheek. “Please go. There is nothing left to say.”

Nick felt tears in his eyes. “Can I change your mind?”

“No. No, you can’t. Now go. Before it’s too late.”

Nick stood. “Bridget, I –“

Bridget held up a hand. “Don’t say it.”

The words “I Love You” died on his lips. “You want me to go?”


“Then I’ll go.” Nick kissed the top of her head. “I am so sorry things ended this way.”

“I’m not,” Bridget lied. “We are better people because of it. We had to hit this brick wall to realize that we just aren’t meant to be.”

“Goodbye, Angel.”

“Goodbye,” she said.

She watched him leave the room, then listened for the click of the door before she fell back on the bed and sobbed.

Nick drove across town to Brooke’s house. He got out of the car, went inside, took a deep breath, and told Brooke how he felt. Then he turned around and walked out the door, heading for home.


Bridget lay curled up in a ball, alternating between crying and calm. After 20 minutes the tears subsided and she stood and walked into the living room. She looked around the room, glancing at every nook and cranny that held a memory of her husband. She clutched her heart and then sat on the sofa, pulling her legs up to her chest.

Just days ago she had lost her baby – her beautiful baby girl, Nicole – and now she had lost her husband. She knew she could cry and feel sorry for herself forever but she knew she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to waste any more time regretting the past, even though her heart begged for relief.

She made herself a small breakfast of toast and cereal and went to climb in the shower. The rivulets of water felt warm as they ran down her back. She allowed herself to relax a little and took time washing her hair and body.

She turned off the shower and toweled dry. Then she walked into her bedroom.

“Nick!” Bridget cried, seeing the man she loved with all her heart, sitting on the bed, staring at her. “What are you doing here?”

She realized she was naked and grabbed a shirt from the nearest hanger and yanked it over herself. It was Nick’s and it felt soft and familiar against her body.

“I came back,” Nick answered.

“What – why?”

“I wanted to be with you.”

Bridget was shocked. “But what about my mom? Did she decide to go through with the wedding?”


“So you are back here. Am I the consolation prize?” She asked, unable to keep the bitterness from her tone.

“No, you are The Prize.”

Bridget’s look confused. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I left here expecting to start my life over with your mother and realized as soon as I got into the car and drove away, that I didn’t want to go. I realized I was leaving my heart in this house, with you, and if I left you I would always regret it.”

“You can’t have any regrets, Nick.”

“But I do. My biggest regret is the way I have treated you over these past months. I was a fool.” Bridget saw that had tears in his eyes. “I wanted something that I couldn’t have – your mom. It was exotic and forbidden and I thought it equated love. But I realize that all I have ever loved is right here in this house.”

Bridget’s eyes filmed with tears. “You don’t mean that.”

“I mean it, Bridget.” He said. “I want to spend the next 50 years with you, and only you. I want a chance to make it up to you. I know I can never take away the pain I caused you but won’t you at least let me try?”

Bridget shook her head. “You don’t mean this. You are just hurting that mom decided to go through with the wedding to Ridge.”

“No, I’m not. In fact, I encouraged her to do it. I told her that I cared about her but realized what we shared – would never compare to what you and I shared. Share.”

Nick walked over to her and kissed her cheek. “Bridget, will you give me another chance? Will you give me another chance to get it right this time? Will you give me another chance to love you and appreciate you the way you deserve to be loved and appreciated?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’ll take me back. You don’t have to forgive me right away. I have been a total and complete ass. You deserve so much better but I am selfish and I want to be with you.”

The tears began to roll down Bridget’s cheeks. Nick caught them with his fingers. “You’re my angel. I should have recognized that sooner and saved us all a lot of pain and heartache.”

“Are you saying that you don’t want my mother?”

“Yes. I don’t want Brooke. I want you. It took the possibility of ending our marriage to make me realize how much I really and truly love you.”

“What about the next time my mother comes running to you? What will you do then?”

“I told her that she can’t do that anymore. I told her that Ridge is her husband now and she needs to depend on him. She can’t come to me with her problems anymore.”

“Do you mean that you want me back?”

“Yes, oh god yes.” Nick began to cry as well. “I have been such a fool. How could I not realize that all I ever wanted was you?” He pulled her close and she could feel his heart hammering against hers. “Be with me Bridget. Be with me as my wife. We can renew our wedding vows – start all over.”

“Can we?” Bridget was hesitant.

“Yes. I will make a hundred mistakes but you will never again have to doubt my love for you.”

“Can you be a father to Dominick?”

“Yes. I want to be a father to him.” Nick nodded. “We will have problems but we will stand together this time. I will try my damnedest to be the man you deserve.”

“I love you, Bridget.” Nick said. “I love you and I always will.”

Bridget began to sob and threw her arms around Nick’s neck. “I – I … love you too.”

They shared an emotional hug and Nick gently eased her lips up to his. “We will have a new beginning starting right now,” he said. “Just let me prove that to you.”

“Okay,” Bridget said through the lump in her throat. Nick picked her up and carried her to the bed. He pulled back the sheets and tucked her in. Then he crawled in beside her and held her late into the evening until they both drifted to sleep.


Jasam - "Say Goodnight"

Say Goodnight

*Jasam say goodbye … but is it forever?*

November 8, 2007

Samantha McCall shivered in her thin jacket as she walked into the cemetery. She found the little grave stone and sat beside it. She laid the lilies she had brought on the cold, damp earth.

“Hey, little one, it’s your mommy,” she said, reaching out and rubbing the gravestone. “It’s been too long since I came here hasn’t it? I hope you are doing okay up there. Every day I miss you more and more. My life feels empty without you in it, knowing that I never even got to hold you. I’d give anything to hold you now, little angel.”

Tears were coursing down her cheeks and she shivered harder. She had made it before midnight like she had planned. She never let the anniversary of Lila’s death go unnoticed although the distance between them seemed farther apart than ever.

“I want you here with me, little one,” she said. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

“You’re not right now,” a voice said from behind her.

Sam recognized the voice and didn’t need to turn around. “What are you doing here, Jason?”

“What do you think?” He asked.

“I actually don’t know …”

“I came here to see … our daughter … Just like I do every year.”

“We usually come together,” Sam said, sniffing back tears. She couldn’t even look at him right now. It hurt too much.

“We’re both here now, that’s all that matters,” he said, walking over and kneeling next to her.

“Three years ago tonight … can you believe it?” Sam asked, glancing at him quickly and then glancing away.

“No. So much has happened then … so much has changed … so much has gone wrong …”

“Much of what went wrong was my fault,” Sam admitted.

“Believe me, you didn’t do it alone,” he said with a sigh. “I made a mess of things too.”

This was the first admission of his guilt in anything that had gone wrong over the past year. “We hurt each other,” he said. “I hurt you.”

“Yes you did. And I lashed out at you.”

“Are you still angry?”

“Mad as hell,” she said, choking back a sob. “But mostly just sad … that it ended the way it did …”

Say goodnight not goodbye
You will never leave my heart behind
Like the path of a star
I’ll be anywhere you are

“Our star - our little Lila - was supposed to lead us back to each other but it didn’t work out did it?” she murmured.

“No, it didn’t.”

“Three years ago my life changed forever, Jason. Nothing has ever been the same. And the only time I was truly happy was when I was with you. And I want to thank you for putting up with me as long as you did.”

“It wasn’t a chore. I wanted to do it. I wanted you in my life.”

“Do you miss … us?”

In the spark that lies beneath the coals
In the secret place inside your soul
Keep my light in your eyes
Say goodnight not goodbye

“Every … moment … of everyday,” he said. “But we’re at two separate places now.”

“I know. And you have a child of your own now. And you have to focus on that now.”

“And you have Lucky …”

“Yes, I do.” But it wasn’t serious, she wanted to say. She cared about Lucky but at this point, she missed Jason more than she ever thought she could.

“I am so angry at you,” she said, wiping her tear-streaked face. But her voice wasn’t harsh.

“I know.”

“We lied to each other, Jason,” Sam whispered. “We hurt each other. We broke so many promises to each other. Our dreams died just like Lila.”

Don’t you fear when your dream
Waking up is never what it seems
Like a jewel buried deep
Like a promise meant to keep

“I know.”

“You know? Is that all you have to say? Tell me your feelings dammit, Jason, I have a right to know.”

Jason’s own eyes filled with tears. “There are so many things buried deep … I am angry; I’m sad; I’m frustrated … mostly at myself and the part I played in ending us.”

“You mean when you left me straight out of coma?”

“And so much more.”

“And I hurt you in so many ways too. Starting with sleeping with my stepfather, Ric. I know that had to hurt you.”

“Of course it did. It still hurts … But there was so much other stuff in the way too. My lies about … my son …”

“Your lies hurt the most,” Sam said, playing with the bracelet on her wrist. “I won’t even try to deny that.”

“I know. I hurt us both. We hurt each other so much. I just hope you can one day be everything you want to be, and find the right person …”

You are everything you want to be
So just let your heart reach out to me
I’ll be right by your side
Say goodnight not goodbye

“I don’t care about any of that. I just want to find peace. I am trying so hard for that.”

“I’m glad.”

Sam reached out and touched the gravestone again. “At least I’ll always have the memories we made together. No one can take that away from me.”

“No one can take it away from me either. And we‘ll always have our daughter‘s memory …”

“Yes. Lila changed our lives. I have been so angry and sad and devastated and cruel that I sometimes forgot what she made me into. I let the pain take away the good things I did because of her … and you …”

“She changed both of us. Forever.”

You are everything you want to be
So just let your heart reach out to me
Keep my light in your eyes
Say goodnight, not goodbye

“I love you, Jason,” she admitted, wiping her face on the sleeve of her jacket.

He got choked up. “I know. I feel the same way.”

“I am sorry we couldn’t make it work …”

“Me too,” he said, briefly reaching out and squeezing her hand.

Sam kissed her hand and pressed the palm to the gravestone. “I’ll be back soon, my little one. Thanks for changing me.”

Sam stood and began to walk away. She turned back to Jason. “So this is goodbye huh, Jase?”

He shook his head. “No … just goodnight.”

Sam nodded, gave him a last longing look, and left the cemetery.

Jason stayed for a long while after she left, giving into tears and the weight of the things he had done. “Bye, Sam,” he whispered into the wind. “Good night I mean.” 

GH - Sam Fan Fic: "Sleep to Dream"

Sam doesn't have go to sleep to dream anymore; she has everything she's always dreamed of. AU. I hope you all enjoy it!

Sleep to Dream

Sam’s husband placed their new baby girl in her arms. After years and years of waiting for a child and the right man to come along, Sam finally had it all.

It was exactly ten years to the day she had left Jason Morgan sitting in the prison cell at Pentonville, but that was the furthest thing from her mind now. All she could see was the beautiful, perfect six pound, baby girl in her arms and the twinkle in her husband’s matching blue-colored eyes.

Her own eyes were moist. “I can’t believe she’s finally here,” Sam said to him. “Healthy and perfect -“ she looked up at her husband. “I mean the doctor said she’s healthy right?”

“Absolutely,” he said, his soft lips burying in her hair for a brief moment.

Sam had had an extremely difficult pregnancy. At the beginning of the second trimester, she was already assigned to bed rest and it was not unknown for her to have some blood spotting her underwear from time to time. The duration of her pregnancy had been the scariest time of her life and as most people know, Sam was never scared.

She had gone into labor a full month early and the labor had not been easy either. Many, many times she had found herself reaching out to her husband who would kiss her hand and assure her all was right with the world and soon a child would be born for them to call their own.

Everything had worked out perfectly in the end. And Sam was looking at her husband now with complete happiness. “I can’t believe we did this,” Sam said, swaddling the baby to keep her warm in the crisp air-conditioned room. The baby girl was looking at her with curiosity.

“You did this,” he said, kissing her cheek.

“I did have help,” she said smiling. “You helped me through everything and were positively amazing.

“That’s what husband’s do.”

“But you did it better than I ever expected was possible. You and this little girl we created are my whole world. I’ll never have another reason to complain in my whole life.”

“Wait until she can walk and talk and is tearing into everything constantly,” he said with a laugh.

She grinned. “Even then my life will still be so damn perfect.”

“You’re perfect,” he said.

She laughed. “You’re lying but please don’t stop!”

Sam couldn’t believe she could be this happy. She had never dreamed that she would finally find the one man who would love her and accept her the way she was - flaws and all. Especially after she had chased him away in the first place.

After her painful break up with Jason, she had taken to drinking and sleeping around. She had dalliances with a few men, sadly, but only one had turned out to be the right one - the man sitting across from her now - beaming with undisguised happiness and pride.

He had been smarting from the end of his marriage and she from the end of her life as she believed at the time. They had somehow ended up sitting together at the same table at a charity event her mother dragged her to in hopes of pulling her out of her year long funk.

They had gotten to talking and Sam had found herself smiling for the first time in over a year. Really smiling - the kind that lit up her pretty doe eyes.

They hadn’t expected to end up in the bedroom but it happened soon enough. They were highly compatible in the sack and they never expected more from each other than to get lost in each other for a brief period of time - skin to skin; hand to hand, wrapped up in each other they found long sought after solace.

But Sam never dreamed it would turn into anything serious. He didn’t appear to think it either. But eventually their long hours in the bedroom lasted until the morning when they reluctantly parted for their jobs with a long kiss.

And then he had relayed to her the information that he couldn’t stop thinking about her and she felt the same way, she admitted. After eight months for sex for the sake of sex, they realized they had made a real connection - they were in love. Neither of them had expected it - or even wanted it - but there it was. They loved each other.

Six months after their first exchange of the three little words, Jason Morgan had unexpectedly returned to Port Charles. He had been released from Pentonville on a technicality and Sam found herself running into him all over town. The conversations were always stilted but they still enjoyed each other’s company nonetheless.
Sam’s beloved took notice of this and became very jealous. They fought a lot about it and one night he demanded she choose between him and Jason.

With tears in her eyes, she said: “There is no other choice. You are the one I want. Jason was never an option and I don’t love him anymore; you’re all I want in this world.”

Then to his surprise, she had tearfully told him that all she wanted in the world was to be his wife and the mother of his children. “So when should we do it?” He has asked, wiping away her tears.

“Do what?”

“Get married and start working on our family …”

“Are you serious?”


“As soon as we can then,” she replied.

The next night he had officially proposed to her with a sparkling, huge diamond ring and smile on his face. She had flung herself into his arms and they had embraced and kissed and ended up in the bedroom where Sam admired her ring and told him: “You’re everything I never really expected to find.”

“Is that a good thing?” he has asked.

“What do you think?” she said, kissing him.

The wedding had been a big, beautiful event - the kind of wedding she never expected to have. She even wore a white dress though she joked that with her past, she should be in scarlet red.

Six years of loving, fighting, hoping, and dreaming with her husband, and then there had been a surprising twist: after all this time - after she had given up all expectations for it - she was pregnant. She had relayed the news to him the minute the doctor confirmed it at GH. It was the happiest moment of their lives - until today when Sam found herself still cuddling with her child and husband. He had crawled into bed with them, and together they were admiring their new creation.

“She needs a name,” he said.

“What about Karen?” she asked. “Or Rosalie. I’ve always loved those names.”

“How about Alexandria after your mother and Jane after mine?” he suggested.

“Alexandria Jane Jacks?” she repeated with a smile. “I like the sound of that.”

Sam kissed him and she saw the love for her and their daughter evident in his eyes. “I love you,” he said.

“I love you. Ten years ago my life changed forever and I have you to thank for it.”

“My life changed in a wonderful way too,” he said. “Who ever thought I’d fall in love with the woman who tried to cheat me at cards numerous times? How did I fall in love with the most wonderful, beautiful, and exceptional woman ever?”

“You just got lucky, I guess,” she said with a smile.

“Yep, I did.”

They ended up falling asleep together; their infant carefully tucked against Sam’s breast. It was the most peaceful sleep Sam had ever had. She had been waiting her whole life for it.


Poll on Britney

Do you like Britney Spears?

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Awesome songs

This is my favorite song to list to on Youtube right now.

Adrienne Frantz rocks. She is best known for her roles on Y&R and B&B but she's definitely going places.

What I'm reading

I am reading a few books right now. I love to read so much. Its the best thing to do to pass the time although I don't do as much as of it as I should (because I'm too busy online lol) 

I am currently reading 4 books:

1. The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy

Its a fictionalized account of one of America's most notorious unsolved murders. Its creepy as heck and good so far. The characters of the two investigating cops are very well described and you can really picture them and what they do clearly. Its been described as "dark and gritty" and that is a good description. They made a movie of this but I hear it sucked.

2. Nephilim by L.A. Marzulli

Pretty creepy so far and I'm only into the second chapter. I haven't gotten very far so I don't have much to say about the plot but its engaging. I guess Nephilim existed in early, early Biblical times. They were "anicent biblical giants sired by demons and born of human women." Creepy huh? Especially becuase they are now alive and well.

3. Dead Man's Song by Jonathan Mayberry

"From the powerful imagination of a new horror master comes a bone-chilling tale set in a small town where good and evil are joined in a terrifying, deadly battle...

Evil Endures
Once an idyllic Pennsylvania village, Pine Deep awoke one morning to find itself bathed in a massive bloodletting. Twice in thirty years the townsfolk have endured the savage hungers of a murderous madman...but if the residents think the death of serial killer Karl Ruger put an end to the carnage, they're dead wrong.

The Nightmare Never Ends
Bodies mutilated beyond description, innocents driven to acts of vicious madness. A monstrous evil is preying on the living--and the dead--and turning the quiet little town into hell on earth. Their only hope is to find the source. But the secrets that lurk in the heart of Pine Deep are twisted into its very roots. This time the townspeople aren't just fighting for their lives, but for their very souls... " (back of book)

This is my favorite one so far. I was hooked from the very first page and still am. I can't wait to get deeper into it.

4. Mr. Knightley's Diary

And finally something to take the edge of - something nice and sweet. This is the "companion" to the classic Jane Austen novel Emma (which is one of the best books of all time and people need to read it). Of course it was written in 2007 so its not really an Austen novel but it compliments the original by telling the story from Knightley's point of view. Of course Knightley was Emma's one true love (hopefully I didn't spoil it for you). I love Knightley. Darcy (though lovable and sexy) ain't got nothing on Mr. Knightley. He's the bomb lol 

Any of these books I recommend you checking out. Now please tell me what books you like.